We are a group of comedic skeptics or skeptical comedians who have taken it upon ourselves to do battle against woo woo, pseudoscience, flim flam, hogwash, poppycock and all around bullshit!

It is not the existence of this nonsense that perturbs us (and perturbed we are). It is the fact that the majority of our fellow man still believes and participates in such nonsense that really turns our briefs into thongs. I mean, when will the madness stop?!?!?

…we don’t know, but until it does, we will be here to provide the zing to other researchers hard facts, the punchline to scientific enquiry, the Punk’d to Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!

John Rael

This old dirty bastard has been around since the dawn of man. He feeds on our ignorance and fear. Every time Reason prevails he can be found lurking in the shadows with a malicious grin on his ugly face; knowing full well that the majority of those who celebrate his demise today will run back to hide in their caves when he dons a new disguise tomorrow.


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